Monitor and manage your business using intelligent sensors and devices

Real time monitoring

Sensor page under Real-time monitoring involves tracking, collecting, amalgamating and analysing real-time data. With this data, you can evaluate collective or individual machine efficiency and its environment.

sensor monitoring

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications let you supervise your key metrics in real-time, automatically alerting people when service levels fall behind or an opportunity for development pops up.

sensor notifications

Analytics and Reports

Use insightful and customizable reports to generate meaningful, graphical dashboards, thereby, finding insights into customer satisfaction and workforce performance.



Real-time monitoring enables one to store and play back historical data, pose queries, export reports and perform other functions. Playback allows you to play back the log files recorded using the data recording processing module.

replay graphs

Trouble Tickets - Manage and Resolve

Create and track trouble tickets with ease. Upload photos of incidents and defective spare parts to expedite ticket resolution.

Manage Groups

When the same permissions or restrictions are applicable to the various users on your site, Admin can add them to a group for easier management.

Use Cases


Installation of real time temperature tracking device outside of walk-in coolers and freezers in restaurants. You will receive an alert if the cooler or freezer temperature falls below optimal ranges or the freezer door is left open. You can monitor power usage and fluctuations to predict equipment failure on time and go for repairs accordingly.

Shopping Malls and Buildings

To monitor temperature and humidity at shopping malls, super markets and buildings. It works in real-time mode and assists in detecting problems at an early stage. Automated reporting helps reduce mistakes and save on hiring. You can get alarms by mail or SMS when temperatures are below the accepted range and set up automatic summary reports for dedicated teams.

Server Room

Remote real-time temperature and humidity monitoring systems can help you avoid losing server equipment from overheating, due to HVAC failures, corrosion and rusting as a result of high humidity, and outright damage from leaks in data centres, server rooms, and general equipment storage areas.

Shopping Centres

Real-time vibration sensors monitoring your predictive maintenance program can help identify pump problems such as cavitations, recirculation and resonance.

Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Level in Factories and Public Places

A real-time CO2monitor will help you record and understand the CO2 levels in an office, room, building, factory, hospital or any other place. High CO2 levels can cause odours, lethargy, reduced productivity and prolonged exposure and can be very harmful to health.

Perishable Food Manufacturer

The safety of perishable food items is crucial to your business and its reputation. Hence, temperature sensors can be installed along with cold chain in trucks, storage units and production facilities to detect failure and prevent food spoilage.


Real-time sensors in manufacturing include temperature sensors, probe wireless temperature sensors, water temperature sensors, duct temperature sensors, high and low RTD sensors, humidity sensors, water rope sensors, infrared sensors, voltage detection sensors, CO gas sensors etc. to ensure a seamless manufacturing experience.

Agricultural Land

Soil moisture sensor, temperature and humidity sensor are used to measure the climatic parameters of an agriculture land. The real-time monitor senses soil moisture and nutrients, controls water usage and helps determine custom fertilizer profile based on the chemistry of the soil.

Storage Facilities – Water Detection Sensors

Water detection sensors can send an alert about the discovery of a leak so that the defect can be fixed as quickly as possible. Monitoring water leaks and moisture detection is essential for data centres, hospital record rooms, and other spaces storing expensive, valuable, as well as irreplaceable property or equipment.

Swimming Pool

Real-time swimming pool monitoring device checks water temperature, level of water and notifies you about when you need to add chemicals, and tells you about the quantity of chemical to be added.

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